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Manuales y Cursos de Java

Directorio de manuales, tutoriales, documentacion, codigos fuente y programas Java para descargar y consultar gratis online

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Creating Mobile Services Using Java Programming Language, XML and HTTP
Janne Kalliola
610 kb
Learn the basics of mobile messaging and browsing, identify challenges related tomobile infrastructure software and gain an insight into creating mobile services using Java, XML and HTTP.
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The Java HotSpot Virtual Machine
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
101 kb
The Java HotSpot virtual machine (VM) is a key component in maximizing deployment of enterprise applications. It is a core component of Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) software, supported by leading application vendors and technologies.
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Java Precisely
Peter Sestoft
422 kb
This document gives a concise description of the Java programming language, version 1.1 and later. It is a quick reference for the reader who has already learnt (or is learning) Java from a standard textbook and who wants to know the language in more detail.
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Java and C++ A critical comparison
Robert C. Martin
29 kb
Software engineers are being forced to become multi-lingual. Any of you who have had the pleasure of creating a web site know this. Reading this article will be some thing like that. I freely swap between C++ and Java throughout.
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The Java Architecture for XML Binding User's Guide
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
479 kb
JAXB provides a fast, convenient way to create a two-way mapping between XMLdocuments and Java objects. Given a schema, which specifies the structure of XML data, the JAXB compiler generates a set of Java classes containing all the code to parse XML documents based on the schema.
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Advanced Apache JServ Techniques
S.Mazzocchi - P.Fumagalli
277 kb
Analyzing the problem of adding servlet support to a web server, several solutions have been developed and many software packages are already available to achieve this result. Apache JServ is one of these solutions and differs from others because its main target is the use on the widest range of network environments. Here, we'll introduce Apache JServ advanced features and its inner workings to allow both network administrators and servlet writers to achieve best results, both in network design and servlet development.
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Java API for XML Processing
R.Mordani - J.D.Davidson - S.Boag
775 kb
In many ways, XML and the Java Platform are a partnership made in heaven. XML defines a cross platform data format and Java provides a standard cross platform programming platform.
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Semantics of Multithreaded Java
J,Manson - W.Pugh
262 kb
This paper proposes a new semantics for Java that allows for aggressive compiler optimization and addresses the safety and multithreading issues.
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